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February 07, 2013

SBI Associate Banks Clerks Interview Experience - Siddharth Pande

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Friends, here is the Interview Experience of SBT (one of the Associate Banks of State Bank of India) Clerks. Shared by our friend Siddharth Pande. We would like to thank him on behalf of our readers and our team members for his great efforts (he typed his whole interview using iphone). And we wish him great success in his interview. Here is his interview experience in his own words.

Name : Siddharth Pande

Qualification : Aircraft Maintenance Engineering & B.Sc (Maths)

Hi Friends, I am Siddharth Pande, My qualification Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and B.Sc in mathematics.

I was the last candidate and my interview time was 5:00 pm after 6 hours of arriving at the destination. As I entered on their permission wished them good evening.

The room was a well decorated one, it was like drawing room of my home. There were four sofa sets and a center table in between. 3 Men and a Woman were there to take the interview.

M1 what is your qualification
I said sir I have done B.Sc
M1 B.Sc in what
Me B.Sc in mathematics, and before that I have done a 2 and half years course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.
Hearing this he became a bit confused and asked before or after?
Me :  I said sir before and cleared his doubt that it is not a degree course but a course that we get aircraft maintenance engineers license.
M1 you haven't worked in that field?
Answered that, explaining how I got Into that field

M2 tell the names of some public sector and some private sector banks
Me told two three public sector and private sector UTI or axis bank It was opened in 1964 as mutual fund investment company and entered into mainline banking after that. And sme other blah blah

M2 which is the largest private sector bank in India
Me I didn't know and guessed that it might be axis bank

M2 in what way it's capital or number of branches......(I think he was himself not sure about this)
M2 have you heard about icici bank it was opened before axis bank and it is the largest private sector bank.
Me ok sir (admitted)

Madam : You haven't clearly defined your hobbies do you play cricket
Me no I watch as well as I play cricket

M3 what kind of music you like
Me I hear songs from manna dey and rafi saab

M3 do you know any speciality about Maihar in music
Me yes sir music maestro ustad alaudin khan Saab

M3 do you know any other musician from that gharana
Me no sir

M3 have you heard about pandit ravishankar how is he related to him
Me yes sir I know he married to the daughter of ustad alaudin khan Saab

M3 and others yes yes
F mam how did you prepare for banking examinations

Me I took a coaching for three months
F mam where you went out of your hometown?
Me no at my hometown only

F mam then will you be able to work in a bank if you get a job in a village-branch.
Me mam my hometown Is also not a very developed place I will have no problem with that.

F mam how can you say that Satna is well developed now with birla corps it has now very much developed
Me mam my upbringing is such that I will be comfortable working anywhere.

F mam how many siblings you have
Me 1 sister and brother  and also my uncles son and daughter live with us. As they died long time ago. And one of my brothers is an engineer n Bangalore

F mam so you are the youngest
Me no mam I have a brother and sister younger to me

M1 and others ok Siddharth
Me may I go mam sirs
They said yes

I said thank you with a warm smile and they replied with the same

There were loads of cross questioning in between, my interview lasted for 20 - 25 minutes m1 and f mam were talking in fluent English while others were talking in Hindi. I replied in English fluently.
It felt to as though they were trying to get rid of me as I was the last one. No banking question except the one I posted above. Well the experience was very good. Very beautiful infrastructure of bank as it was the local head office. We got five star treatment there. Extremely happy to be a part of that interview in which only 36 candidates were called from Lakhs who appeared for examination, I get a job or not will be dealt with in future. What's your say......

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