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February 28, 2013

Correction of Sentences in English


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Friends, today we shall discuss one of the very important topics of SBI PO and other competitive exams' English Section Correction of Sentences or Correct usage of words in English. In this type of questions, each sentence is divided into four parts and each part is marked below as A, B, C, and D. There is a mistake in any one part of the sentence. The students are required to detect which part contains the mistake. If there is no mistake in any part of the sentence, it should be marked as No Error (Option E).

As a number of our friends have been saying that they are unable to perform well in this area we have decided to update detailed lessons on Correction of Sentences in English. This is the introductory lesson and this lesson followed by exercises on Correction of Sentences with detailed explanations. We hope these lessons and exercises will help you perform well in upcoming exams. All the best :)

Examples :

 The mistake lies in part (A) 'not only' should be placed before 'educated' which it qualifies and not after it. Hence students should mark cross (X) against A.

As there is no mistake in any part of the sentence, students should mark cross (X) against E.

The mistake may be of any one of the following types :
  1. Mistake in the use of article -- a, an, the.
  2. The subject in the sentence may not be agreeing with the verb in number.
  3. Pronoun may not be agreeing with its antecedent in person, number of gender.
  4. There may be a mistake in the use of preposition.
  5. There may be a wrong use of a conjunction in the sentence.
  6. There may be mistakes in the use of participles, gerunds, infinitives and verbal nouns.
  7. Some word in a sentence may have been wrongly used.
  8. There may be a mistake in the use of an adverb or adjective. Degree of adjective may have been wrongly used.
  9. Rules regarding verbs, their tenses, number, or moods may not have been correctly followed.
  10. There may be miscellaneous mistakes which may not fit in the above categories. 


  1. tanx and tat is very use ful tips 2 us.....

  2. karnataka bank notification is out for clerks and officers...

    1. Thanks for the update friend. We will post it soon :)

  3. plz show some imp essays n letter writings for bank exam

    1. Please check the SBI PO Study materials section above Ashwini. There we have uploaded shortcut techniques for Essay, Precis and Letter writing.

      hope it helps.

  4. Mam pls write smthing on " para jumbles " section


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