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January 30, 2013

SBI Associates Clerks Interview Experience - Shivnath Renganathan


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Friends, here is the Interview Expereince of State Bank of India (SBI) Associates Clerks which was held today (30th January 2013). Our friend, Shivnath Renganathan from Madurai is sharing this Interview Experience with you. He already has shared his Common Interview Experience of IBPS POs too with us. We are very grateful to him for his support and great contribution to other aspirants. We wish him all the best for his Interview. Here is his Interview Experience in his own words.

Name : Shivnath
Graduation : B.E - Electronics and Instrumentation
Interview : for Clerk post in Associate Banks of  SBI
Venue : Madurai
Date : 30-01-2013

My interview started at 10:30 am . There were 3 male and 1 female member in the panel .
The question asked were as follows :
  1. About my family background ? 
  2. Why banking industry ? 
  3. What is the profile of a clerk ? { since my father is a bank employee } 
  4. How your degree will be helpful to the bank ? 
  5. What are the physical element which will be helpful to prevent intrusion in a secured area of a bank ? { biometric } 
  6. Which part  of the eye is scanned for biometric  verification ? 
  7. Why fingerprint scanning is widely used rather than eye scanning ? { low memory capacity } 
  8. What is financial inclusion ? What is issued in this ? Who all are benefited by this ? 
  9. What are the various government schemes ? 
  10. What is oap ? 
  11. How will you communicate with another person about your uniqueness ? {  talking ,way of dressing , body language } 
  12. What are the functions of a bank ? 
  13. What is the difference between current account and savings account ? 
  14. Apart from withdrawal what are various option available in an ATM ? 
  15. What atre the various types of bank ? 
  16.  What is the difference between central bank of India and state bank of India ?

Message to aspirants :
  • Read newspaper daily 
  • Read basic functions and terminology of banks
  • Study the Interview experiences of candidates available in Banking Interviews section of gr8ambitionz and clarify u r doubts with them. 
  • Last but important , share u r interview experience also ...All izz well...
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  1. Thank you so much friend

  2. thank u's really helpful

  3. Hi Shivnath,

    first, congrats to u for reaching this ladder. Could u pls share answer of q4.


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