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December 10, 2012

SBI Real Time Interview Experiences - SBI Assistants - Parnasha Roy Choudhury


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Friends, here is an Interview Experience of State Bank of India (Assistants). Our Friend  Parnasha Roy Choudhury is sharing her Interview Experience and some useful tips for the new aspirants with our readers. We would like to thank her on behalf of us and our readers for her valuable contribution to helping other aspirants. Over to Parnasha.....

Name : Parnasha Roy Choudhury
Qualification : B.Sc. in fashion design

The verification started at around 12:30 PM
Interview started at around 3:00 PM
My chance came at around 6:00 PM

3 members in the panel (One Woman and Tow Men)

I entered.. Greeted them..Gud evening mam,gud evening sirs

P1 : you are poorrnaaa..whats this???its a different kinda name..can you spell it for us??whats the meaning?
me:sir its parnasha roy means sacred

p1:ooo nice tell me when did you reach the venue?
me:at around 11 30 am..

p1:ohh so early...ok to wat have u learnt after coming here?
me:sir i was a little nervous soi didnt talk to anyone

p1:ohh okkkso r u feeling nervous rgt now?
me: not really

p1:ok good
p1,so parnasha have u heard abt harappa and mohenjodaro civilisation?
me:yes sir
p1:hmmm..wat abt the civilisation found in india?
me: sir it was lothal civilisation 
p1:you are correct

p2:tell me who got the best female singer award in iifa?
me:sir shreya ghosal..

p2. for wich song?
me:i am sorry sir i dnt remember

p2: oh havent yoy watched any salman khan's movie recently?wich one did you see recently?
me:sir ek tha tiger

p2:ok but there was a movie called bodyguard
me:oh yes sir

p2:ok wich was the famous song of that movie?
me:tere meri prem khani...

p2:itna hints dene ke baadd??hahahaha chalo
p2 : did u design this dress your self?
me:no sir not this one

p1:yyy??apko apna dres khud banake pehenkar anachaiye tha
me:sir maine apne liye dusre dresses banaye but yeh wala nahi banaya..

p1:bhai yeh to wohi baat hogagi dhaba wala bola customer ko..bagal wale dhaba mein jake khaiye...hahaha

I was nervous....

p3:parnasha you r from wich part of kolkta?
me:south kolkata

p3:wich puja pandal won the first prize last year?
me:(didnt know the ans)but said- mam naktala

p3:do u know how much was spent on it?u have to say correct amount becz i hav read it in the i know
me:mam i am not sure abt the xactly amount but it was aound 1.7 crore

p3+p2:ha thik hai woh 1.8 crore tha but its ok sahi kaha apne...
p3:apke papa kaha pe hai?

p2:woh project manager hai ..phir ap clerical job keliye hi kyu ayi?
me:sir a job is a job..sur mujhe hamesha se hi bank job mein interest tha..maine po ka xam diya tha but clear nahi karpai

p2:apke papa ke project ka naam kya hai?
me:sorry sir i dont know

p3:parnasha if u get posting in and around nagaland or manipur will you be able to stay widout ur mother since u live wid ur mother and ur dad is posted outside india?
me:yes sir i can live anywherei getmy posting and in case my mom feels uncomfortable to stay in areas like that she can easily stay wid my aunt who lives in guwahati or my granny who lives in north kolkata..that wont be a problem

p3:ok thank you parnasha..
me:thank you mam thamk you sir..

Result : She got selected and going to be posted in Assam.

Suggestions to Aspirants : Alwaz be postive,while facing the panel just be calm and belive in your self..they are not ghosts..they will ask u ..just asn them wid full honesty..honest answers r alwaz appriciated..even if ur honesty makes u feel like a fool ...just remember banks want honest employees not the fake ones. All The Best.

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  1. The interview seemed to cover just some personal & phycometric details of an individual :) Thanks a lot for sharing the experience gr8ambitionz & Ms. Parnasha. All the best for future :) take care !

  2. thank u for the post

  3. will they say result immediately after interview? please tell ma'm...

    1. No they wont. They will just smile at you and will say "Ok Mr Kumar. You may leave now"... later (it will take 40 days atlest) the bank will release a notice with all shortlisted candidates.


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