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October 17, 2012

Countries - Their Nicknames


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Friends, Here is the List of Countries and their Nicknames. Thanks to our reader Janu Panchagnula for providing this information. Hope this info will help you on preparing IBPS Clerks online exam. 
  • Australia - The Lucky Country
  • Bahrain - Island of pearls  
  • Bhutan- land of the thunder dragon
  • Canada - 51st State , A Few Acres Of Snow
  • Canada - 51st State , A Few Acres Of Snow
  • Dubai - Pearl of gulf  
  • France - The Church’s Older Daughter
  • Hong Kong - Pearl of the Orient  
  • Iceland - Land Of The Midnight Sun , Land Forgotten By God
  • Ireland - The Emerald Isle , Land Of Saints And Scholars , Poor Old Woman, Silk Of The Kine
  • India - Land of prayers  
  • India - The jewel in the crown  
  • Indonesia - Emerald of the equator  
  • Israel - Land Of Milk And Honey
  • Japan - Land Of The Rising Sun
  • Jaipur - Pink city  
  • Korea - The Hermit Kingdom
  • Lebanon - The Pearl Of The Mediterranean 
  • Mangolia - Land of Gengis Khan  
  • New Zealand - God’s Own Country [This nickname is also used by Yorkshire] , Land Of The Long White Shroud
  • Philippines - the Pearl Of The Orient 
  • Singapore - The lion City  
  • Sri Lanka - Pearl of the Indian Ocean  South Korea- Land of the Morning Calm
  • Singapore - The Garden City
  • Slovenia - ‘On the sunny side of the Alps’
  • South Africa - Rainbow Nation
  • Switzerland - Land Of Chocolate And Cuckoo Clocks
  • Thailand - Land of white elephant  
  • United Kingdom - 51st State, Perfidious Albion, The Soggy Isles, This Sceptered Isle
  • USA - Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty , Home Of The Brave, Land Of The Free, Great Satan

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  1. please provide a list for Indian cities also.

    1. We've already made that Devendra, You can get that by today's evening.

    2. there is too much space below fill it up with the world names

  2. First time i have see in this site realy amizing informations madam. tan Q madam


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