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October 17, 2012

Banking Awareness for IBPS cwe Clerk 2012-13


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If you are new to this blog, prease read the Complete Preparation Material of Banking Awareness for IBPS clerks Online Exam here, before answering the following questions.

1.      Which of the following banks was merged with SBI in 2010?
    1. State Bank of Travancore
    2. State Bank of Mysore
    3. State Bank of Indore
    4. State Bank of Saurashtra

Sample Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS Clerks Online Exam

2.      Which of the following banks was merged with ICICI Bank in 2010?
    1. Bank of Rajasthan
    2. Bank of Maharashtra
    3. Karnataka Bank
    4. State Bank ofIndore

3.      The New Capital Adequacy Framework prescribed for the banks is commonly  known as ………….
    1. KYC norms
    2. Credit Policy
    3. Basel Accord
    4. Fiscal Policy

4.      Axis Bank previously called as……….
    1. IDBI Bank
    2. HDFC Bank
    3. YES Bank
    4. UTI Bank

5.      Which of the following pairings is wrong? (Bank & Country)  
    1. Barclays Bank : United Kingdom
    2. J P Morgan Chase Bank :USA
    3. Societe Generale :France
    4. Standard Chartered Bank : South Africa

6.      Which of the following is not a commercial bank?
    1. IDBI Bank
    2. HDFC Bank
    3. ICICI Bank
    4. EXIM Bank

7.      The central bank of theUnited States:
    1. Citi Group
    2. Bank of America Chase
    3. JP Morgan
    4. Federal Reserve

8.      The largest bank inChina:
    1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. (ICBC)
    2. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation(HSBC)
    3. Deutsche Bank AG
    4. BNP Paribas

9.      Bad loans in banking terminology are generally known as…………………
    1. CBS
    2. PLR
    3. NPAs
    4. CRR

10.  Which of the following pairings is wrong? (Bank & Tagline)
    1. State Bank ofIndia: With you all the way
    2. Punjab National Bank : The name you can BANK upon!
    3. Bank ofBaroda:India's International Bank
    4. Bank of India : The World’s local bank

11.  The largest bank inPakistan:
    1. State Bank of Pakistan
    2. Habib Bank Limited
    3. Sonali Bank
    4. DBS Bank

12.  Latest Private Sector Bank inIndia:
    1. Federal Bank
    2. South Indian Bank
    3. YES Bank
    4. Kotak Mahindra Bank

13.  The Largest foreign bank operating inIndia:
    1. Citi Bank
    2. HSBC
    3. Barclays Bank
    4. Standard Chartered Bank

14.  3) Which bank is the largest issuer of credit cards inIndia?
    1. SBI
    2. ICICI Bank
    3. HDFC Bank
    4. IDBI Bank

15.  Who is the current MD & CEO of ICICI Bank?
    1. Shyamala Gopinath
    2. Shikha Sharma
    3. Chanda Kochhar
    4. Renu Challu

16.  The Chairman of Indian Banks Association(IBA) (For 2011-12):
    1. M.D.Mallya
    2. Pratip Chaudhuri
    3. D.Subbarao
    4. Subir Gokarn

17.  In Financial Term NPA, P stands for    
    1. Potential
    2. Peforming
    3. Prodiction
    4. Professional

18.   Which of the following pairings is wrong? (Bank & Country)
    1. Citi Bank : USA
    2. ABN AMRO Bank : TheNetherlands
    3. BNP Paribas :Russia
    4. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation(HSBC) : United Kingdom

19.  Which of the following is not a nationalized bank?
    1. PNB
    2. Indian Bank
    3. Bank of India
    4. Karnataka Bank

20.  Which of the following is the Apex level institution  for housing?
    1. EXIM Bank
    2. NABARD
    3. NHB
    4. SIDBI            

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banking awareness for ibps cwe clerk 2012-13


  1. good question plz update more question as soon as possible thank you..:)

    1. sure can get more Banking Awareness practice sets for IBPS Clerks... Good Day.

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    1. I dont think they will ask you questions on that area sunita. Anyway, we'll try to upload that soon... Good Day.

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  12. chairman of indian bank association?

    1. I know why you've asked this question. for the year 2011-12 the above answer is correct.
      Kamath is the Chairman for the year 2012-13

    2. the chairman of indian banks assosiation for 2011-2012 is M.D.MALLYA

  13. mam what is cutoff of ibps clerk exam....out of 40 minimum how much questions should be attempted so as to clear exam...can you please give me a rough idea...

    1. It depends on the total number of successful candidates Prerna. We cant predict now. Usually, you will be in the safe zone if you get minimum 22 marks in every individual section.

      All The Best :)

  14. mam, please conduct some more online tests on banking awareness

  15. these questions are very useful...thank you very much mam...

  16. to answer questions about repo rate? as it keeps changing..till which date's repo rate should be considered before attending the exam...

    1. Usually the paper will be made 20 days before the exam Prema, so its enough to remember the value of repo rate at that time. Our present Repo Rate is 8%. Have a look at the below link for Current RBI rates for IBPS Clerks Exam
      Current RBI Rates for IBPS Clerks Exam
      Hope it helps

      All The Best :)

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