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July 27, 2012

Classification - Reasoning

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In today’s post we shall discuss another important reasoning topic Classification. The Classification is a process of dividing various objects into Groups on the basis of the properties common to them. The classification  helps us to make a homogeneous group from the given heterogeneous groups.
We can divide the questions on classification in two types…. Those are….
  1. Classification for Meaningful Words
  2. Classifications for Non-meaningful words.

Classification for Meaningful Words

In this type of questions you should classify the given words according to the relation between those words. It would be very easy to classify some given words or to find the odd word out from the given alternatives. The essential trick is to find out the basis of similarity between the words. The dissimilar (odd) word, would, then stand out, itself.

Classifications for Non-meaningful words.

Sometimes we are given a group of letters (non-meaningful words) and we are asked to find the odd letter-group out of them.

Reasoning Classification shortcuts for Bank ExamsNow lets have a look at some Example problems so that you can get the basic view of the Classification Problems

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