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September 01, 2016

Banking Awareness 2016 Expected Questions for IBPS PO VI & Clerks VI Online Exams

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  1. Who is appointed as the 24th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in place of Mr. Raghuram Rajah ?
    1. H.R. Khan
    2. N.S. Vishwanathan 
    3. R. Gandhi 
    4. S.S. Mundra 
    5. Urjit Patel 
  2. Which is the other bank that will be merged with SBI besides its five subsidiary banks ? 
    1. City Union Bank 
    2. Karur Vysya Bank 
    3. South Indian Bank 
    4. Bharatiya Mahila Bank
    5. IDBI
  3. Which of the following products launched by most of the banks help farmers in getting instant credit for various agricultural purposes ? 
    1. Kisan Credit Card
    2. Personal loan 
    3. Business loan 
    4. Only (1) and (2) 
    5. None of the above
  4. Banks have started opening bio-metric ATMs now. Such ATMs will prove most beneficial for which of the following categories of customers ? 
    1. Govt. employees
    2. HNIs 
    3. NRIs 
    4. Students 
    5. Illiterate people 
  5. Which of the following institution provides long run finance to industries ? 
    1. UTI 
    2. LIC 
    3. GIC 
    4. IDBI
    5. All of the above 
  6. In banking terminology the word "Co - obligant" means : 
    1. A person who has guaranteed the account of another person(s)
    2. A person who has executed an indemnity bond in a bank's favour 
    3. A person who has assumed obligations of contract jointly with other person(s) 
    4. A person/ business undertaking opening a documentary letter of credit
    5. None of the above 
  7. Which of following is the first such company of the country which offers services for the resolution of Non - performing assets upon acquisition from bankers ? 
    1. CIBIL 
    2. ARCIL 
    3. ECGC 
    4. CRISIL 
    5. IDFC
  8. Who among the following has been appointed as Executive Director of the RBI, replacing N.S. Vishwanathan, who recently was elevated as Deputy Governor of the RBI ?
    1. M.D. Patra 
    2. Sudharshan Sen 
    3. Chandan Sinha 
    4. U.S. Paliwal 
    5. Deepali Pant Joshi 
  9. Account payee crossing is a direction of the drawer : 
    1. to collecting banker
    2. to drawee banker 
    3. to payee 
    4. to all endorsees 
    5. paying Banker 
  10. Govt. proposes to do away the ______________ for its fiscal affairs management from fiscal 2017-18. 
    1. Plan and Non - Plan classification 
    2. Revenue receipts and Capital receipts classification 
    3. Tax and non tax receipts classification 
    4. Only (1) and (2) 
    5. None of these 
  11. The advantages of securitization for a Bank is : 
    1. It provides liquidity to the issuing Bank 
    2. The Bank capital does not get blocked 
    3. Securitization proceeds can be used for fresh lending 
    4. Only (1) and (2) 
    5. (1), (2) and (3) 
  12. Example of the product line of a Bank is : 
    1. Car loan 
    2. Personal loan 
    3. Home loan 
    4. Mortgage loan
    5. All of the above 
  13. As per Prevention of Money Laundering act, the banks are required to maintain record of transactions for a minimum period of  ______________  from date of cessation of the transaction. 
    1. 2 years
    2.  5 years
    3. 10 years 
    4. 25 years 
  14. Statutory cash reserve ratio for scheduled banks is regulated by Reserve Bank of India under powers conferred upon it by ? 
    1. Reserve Bank of India act, 1934 
    2. Banking Regulation act, 1949 
    3. Companies act, 1956 
    4. Union Ministry of Finance 
    5. Negotiable Instruments act, 1881 
  15. The commercial paper can be is-sued by : 
    1. All banks 
    2. All corporate 
    3. All corporate with net worth of at Rs. 1 crore 
    4. All corporate with net worth of at least Rs. 4 crores 
    5. Other than those given as options 
  16. "Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat" programme is meant for linking ____________ to connect people through exchanges in areas of language, trade, culture, travel and tourism : 
    1. States and Cities 
    2. States and Districts 
    3. Cities and Towns 
    4. Districts and Villages 
    5. None of the above 
  17. Grameen Bank and Micro Credit are associated with which person ? 
    1. Manmohan Singh 
    2. Bill Gates 
    3. Md. Yunus 
    4. Aung San Su Ki 
    5. Acharya Vinobha Bhave 
  18. Many a time we read a term MSS in relation to banking transactions. What is the full form of MSS ? 
    1. Money Stabilization Scheme 
    2. Market Stabilization Scheme 
    3. Maturity and Standardization Service 
    4. Money Stabilization Service 
    5. None of the above 
  19. RBI's open market operation transactions are carried out with a view to regulate ? 
    1. Liquidity in the economy 
    2. Prices of essential commodities
    3. Inflation 
    4. Only (1) and (3) 
    5. (1), (2) and (3) 
  20. What is an Indian Depository Receipt (IDR) ? 
    1. A deposit account with a Public Sector Bank 
    2. A deposit account with any of depositories in India 
    3. It is a financial instrument denominated in Indian currency and are issued by a domestic depository and the underlying equity
    4. Shares are secured with a custodian 
    5. None of the above 
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