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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Speed Maths shortcuts - Pdf version


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Friends, we've got tremendous response to our previous pdf post of the shortcuts about Squares, Square roots and Cube roots. First of all thanks for the support. So many of our users have asked to upload the shortcuts for doing basic maths like additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions etc.   So for you we are posting the shortcut tricks for mental maths. In this post you will get the shortcuts for finding almost all the mathematical problems (including square roots and cube roots). Hope this post will help you in improving your problem solving skills. You can get more downloads here. Please LIKE our facebook page here for frequent updates. Happy Reading :).


Download Speed Math Shortcuts Pdf File from Here (Mediafire Link)

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  1. plas mail this file here i am unable to download

  2. plase mail last four pdf file related to aptitude section i am unabl to download them

  3. those who are unable to download from mediafire link, try this link... just click generate link and click the link when it is generated...


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