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February 06, 2018

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - 6th February 2018

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 6th February 2018. Happy reading :)

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  • Equity - the value of a property after you have taken away the amount left to pay on the mortgage (=money borrowed to buy it)
  • Long-term - continuing to exist, be relevant, or have an effect for a long time in the future
  • Indexation - the practice of making the value of something such as pay or pensions change as general living costs rise or fall
  • Scrap - to decide not to continue with something such as a plan or an event
  • Hasty - doing things in a hurry, without careful planning or thought
  • Deficit - the difference between the amount of money or goods that a country or business has and the amount that it has spent or that it owes
  • Terrific - very good or interesting
  • Abandonment -  to stop something that you are doing or planning to do, especially because it is too difficult to continue
  • Sell-off - to sell something quickly and for a low price, usually because you need money
  • Indices - plural of index
  • Impact - an effect, or an influence
  • Erosion - the gradual reduction or destruction of something important
  • Legitimate - fair and reasonable
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Liquidity - a situation in which a business has money or property that it can sell in order to pay money that it owes
  • In lieu of - instead of
  • Intra-day - happening during one day, and perhaps not for very long
  • Whammy - something very difficult or unpleasant that unexpectedly happens to someone
  • Privilege - a special benefit that is available only to a particular person or group
  • Impose - to introduce something such as a new law or new system, and force people to accept it
  • Peer - someone who belongs to the same social or professional group as another person
  • Rollback - an occasion when the influence of particular laws, rules, etc. is reduced
  • Constraint - something that limits your freedom to do what you want
  • Indexation - the practice of making the value of something such as pay or pensions change as general living costs rise or fall
  • Set-off - to cause a situation or a series of events to happen, especially without intending to
  • Inflation - an economic process in which prices increase so that money becomes less valuable
  • Tough love - a strict but kind way of dealing with someone who has a problem
  • Well-off - rich
  • Credibility - qualities that someone has that make people believe or trust them
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Youth power: on India's U-19 World Cup win"
  • Mentor - to help and give advice to a younger or less experienced person
  • Triumph -  a great victory or success
  • Inevitable - impossible to avoid or prevent
  • Unbeaten - if a team, player etc is unbeaten, they have never been defeated in a competition
  • Sojourn - a short period when a person stays in a particular place
  • Rousing - making you feel emotional, excited, or enthusiastic
  • Campaign - a series of actions intended to produce political or social change
  • Commence - to begin
  • Subsequent - happening or coming after something else
  • Emphatically - in a very clear way that no one can argue about
  • Hype - a situation in which something is advertised and discussed in newspapers, on television, etc. a lot in order to attract everyone's interest:
  • Pocket - to win or get an amount of money
  • Facile - too simple to deal with the difficulties of a real situation
  • Template - something that is used as a pattern or an example for something else
  • Cruise - to achieve success easily in a race, game, or competition
  • Lustre - the feeling that something special and impressive is happening
  • Diverse - very different from each other
  • Fittingly - suitable for a particular situation
  • Essentially - used for emphasizing what is the most important aspect of something or fact about something
  • Tribute - something that you do, say, or build to show that you respect and admire someone or something
  • Resultant - happening as a result of something that has just been mentioned
  • Double-edged sword - a double-edged sword has two sharp sides
  • Ecstatic - extremely happy or pleased
  • Leapt - to move somewhere suddenly and quickly
  • Photo-bomb - the practice of spoiling other people’s photographs by making silly expressions or moving into the background just before the photograph is taken
  • Clinch - to manage to win or achieve something by doing one final thing that makes it certain
  • Carve something out (for yourself) - to successfully create or get something, especially a work position, by working for it
  • Squad - a sports team
  • Spectacular - extremely impressive
  • Rub shoulders with someone - to meet and talk to important or famous people
  • High-stakes - a high-stakes activity or situation involves a lot of risk or serious consequences
  • Arduous - extremely difficult and involving a lot of effort
  • Prodigy - a young person who has a natural ability to do something extremely well

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