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January 08, 2018

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - 8th January 2018

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 8th January 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : There were no editorials in THE HINDU on 7th January 2018 (Sunday)

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "On triple talaq bill: Re-examine the Bill"
  • Re-examine - to look at or think about something carefully again
  • Concern - a feeling of worry about something, especially one that a lot of people have about an important issue
  • Sabotage - to intentionally prevent the success of a plan or action
  • Appraisal - an opinion about how successful, effective etc someone or something is
  • Legislation - a law, or a set of laws
  • Offence - a crime or illegal activity for which there is a punishment
  • Consensus - agreement among all the people involved
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Abhorrent - if something is abhorrent to you, you dislike it very much, usually because you think it is immoral
  • Impermissible - not allowed to be done by a law or rule
  • Resorting to -  to do something extreme or unpleasant in order to solve a problem
  • Arbitrary - not based on any particular plan, or not done for any particular reason
  • Offending - causing a problem, or breaking a rule
  • Proportionality - correct or suitable in size, amount, or degree when considered in relation to something else
  • Breach - a failure to follow a law or rule
  • Contradiction - a difference in two or more statements, ideas, stories etc that makes it impossible for both or all of them to be true
  • Pronouncing - saying
  • Mandate - to order someone to do something
  • Subsistence - the ability to stay alive when you do not have much food or money
  • Allowance - an amount of money that someone receives regularly, in order to pay for the things they need
  • Cognizable - within the jurisdiction of a court
  • Instant - immediate
  • Subsist - to exist
  • Custody - the legal right to look after a child
  • Ally - someone who is ready to help you
  • Lacunae - an absent part / empty space
  • Sustenance -  a way of supporting yourself, for example by earning money
  • Dilemma - a situation in which you have to make a difficult decision
  • Reprise - to do something again
  • Scupper - to spoil someone’s plans or hopes of success
  • Verdict -  an official judgment made in a court
  • Hasty- done in a hurry because you do not have much time
  • Commotion - noise and confused activity
  • Framework - a set of principles, ideas etc that you use when you are forming your decisions and judgments
  • Craft -  to make or produce something skilfully
  • Evidence - facts or physical signs that help to prove something
  • Fragility - the quality of being easily broken or damaged
  • Underwhelming -  not exciting, not impressive, or disappointing
  • Amid - surrounded by things or people
  • Predict - to say what you think will happen in the future
  • Forecast - a statement about what is likely to happen, based on available information and usually relating to the weather, business, or the economy
  • Gross domestic product (GDP) -  the total value of all goods and services produced in a country in a year, except for income received from money invested in other countries
  • Precisely - clearly / exactly
  • Headwind - a wind that blows in the opposite direction to the one in which you are moving
  • Dampening - to make something less strong
  • Momentum - progress or development that is becoming faster or stronger
  • Exclude - to deliberately not include something
  • Forestry - the science of caring for forests, and the trees and other plants that grow in them
  • Decelerate - to happen or make something happen more slowly
  • Provisional - intended to be temporary, and likely to be changed when other arrangements are made
  • Vulnerable - easily damaged by something negative or harmful
  • Unravel - if a process or project unravels, it begins to fail
  • Traction - the degree to which a new idea, product etc is accepted
  • Prospect - the possibility that something will happen
  • Vigour - energy, enthusiasm, and determination
  • Sizeable - fairly large
  • Aggregate - total
  • Posit - to say that something is true or that something should be accepted as true
  • Marginal - very small
  • Contraction - the process of becoming smaller
  • Deficit - the difference between the amount of money or goods that a country or business has and the amount that it has spent or that it owes
  • Hovering around -  to be at or near a particular level without changing much
  • Barrel - a unit for measuring crude oil
  • Inflationary - relating to or likely to cause an increase in prices
  • Bank on - to depend on something happening or on someone doing something
  • Unclog - to clear something by removing something that is blocking it
  • Initiative - an important action that is intended to solve a problem
  • Export - the practice or business of selling goods to another country
  • Rebound -  to return to a better level or position
Download Top 10 HINDU Editorials of 2017 with meanings (Pdf) from HERE
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