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February 13, 2014

Clerical Interview Experience - 12/2/2014

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Hi Friends, I would like to share my IBPS Clerks Interview experience with you. I had Interview on 12/2/2014.

Name : Banavathu Srilatha

Venue : Andhra Bank, Koti, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Time : Morning 8.30

Marks : 107

Category : ST

                They allowed us inside at 8.30. After we entered they gave white papers and asked us to write an essay. On anything might be about any current issue or what ever we what, the main motto is to check how  comfortable we are in our mother tongue. So better prepare an essay before hand itself J
The verification started at 9.30. I was the 13th person. So I waited for my turn. At last my turn came
at 11.30.
I entered the room knocking the door and asking the permission. There are 4 members M1,M2,M3 are male and M4 a lady. M1 said srilatha come in come in. I wished them Good Morning Sirs, Good Morning Madam.
M2: take your seat srilatha
Me: Thank you sir
M1:Ok srilatha, tell me about your self, educational qualification and your family background.
Me: I replied
M3: what were you doing all these days (As I completed my in 2003)
At the same time M1: As your husband is working you didn’t think of working or what?(I am married and husband is working in ministry of defence)
Me: Not like that sir, immediately after my graduation got married and had my baby, and later I worked for 3 years in a software company. Later moved to delhi and after 3 years I am here and I started preparing for bank exams.
M1: If you get posted anywhere else other than Hyderabad will you be able to go as you said your husband is in Hyderabad and you have kids. I think it will be a problem
Me: Definetly not sir, because I have my in-laws who are very supportive and will accompany me if needed.
M2: what are your in-laws
M3:what is KYC and why is it introduced
M3:what is a stale cheque
Me: Replied.I said validity of 3 months M2 asked me again are you sure is it 3 months I said yes sir (I was fumbled a bit)
M4: what are the loans that are given to people in rural areas
Me: Agricultural loans (she was expecting something else, and I replied only that I know madam)
M2: what do you have in a balance sheet, he said what will be the assets and the liabilities in it
Me: I said about the liabilities and the assets
M2: Ok you are telling about the bank balance sheet (I didn’t understood what he meant)
M1: Asked whether I can read the telugu news paper
Me: yes sir, read 5 to 6 lines
They said, its enough and you can go now wish you all the best. I got up and said thankyou sirs, thankyou madam and left the room .

So guys don’t worry, all the interview was in the regional language they were very friendly and it was like a normal talk. So don’t worry and I wish you all the very best. Please do tell how my interview was.

Thanks to Srilatha for sharing her interview experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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