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March 16, 2013

IBPS Clerical Interview Experience - Held on 16 march 2013

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Friends, here is the interview experience of IBPS Clerks held on 16/03/2013 shared by our friend Nagendra Kumar from Hyderabad. We are very thankful to him for his great contribution and we wish him great success for his interview. Here is his interview experience in his own words.

Name : M. Nagendra Kumar

Interview : IBPS Clerks

City : Hyderabad

Date of the Interview : 16-03-2013 

Qualification : B.Sc (Computers)
Friends, I had my interview of IBPS Clerks today in Hyderabad. The questions asked were

  1. Questions asked from my biodata. They have asked very strange questions. One person asked about the meaning of my surname (I dint know tht surname also hs a meaning til date).
  2. Madam asked about academic and family backgorund.
  3. Parts of cpu.. ( I dint know wht he meant.. I just said of parts of cpu like processor, ram, mothrboard etc latr he said 2 more.. i dint know wht thy were).. later he askd wht does ALU does.
  4. Wht do u measure wth a screw guage and vernier calipers (donno why they have asked this question)
  5. Who is Pranab Mukherji? (I said president of India. Then they asked who is the president of Srilanka?)
  6. Which country does sonia gandhi belongs
  7. Wht is H2O

My Analysis : No single banking questions was asked and .. and dint expect these kind of questions from them too.. answerd few. Kinda disappointed. But 1 thing i must say. The interviewers are very friendly. They were smiling and cracking jokes till the end of the interview. At the end too one person asked, will you stop as clerk or will become PO?

Some othr questns askd to othr people in my batch are about Telangana Issue (one of the burning issue of our state), Delhi incident, Some questions about russia, editor of hindu.. in wht way ur hobbies wud
help ppl around u.. definition of acceleration.. vicepresident of india etc. It seems they are just randomly asking questions so i am sure nobody can answer 100 percent. Just be confident and honest. That's enough. All the best.

want to share your interview experiences with us? you can mail us at Gr8AmbitionZ(at) along with your Experience, Photo and Suggestions to fellow aspirants. We will publish. Good day.

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