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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Seating Arrangement Practice Problems with Explanations for Bank Exams - Reasoning


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Seating Arrangement (or Sitting Arrangement as some of us pronounce it) is one of the important topics of the Reasoning section of Bank Exams. The best thing here is, with little concentration and efforts you can get 5 out of 5 (and ofcourse 15 out of 15 in the case of IBPS CWE sometimes) marks easily. And the main disadvantage of these sort of problems is..... even a single mistake can ruin the entire solutions and it may results losing all the marks!!! So its always advisable to check your answers twice before coming to a conclusion and marking the answers. Here we are giving some practice problems of Seating Arrangement problems of the Reasoning Section. Just see the problems and try to solve them on your own. Later you can check with the answers given below with complete solutions. You can check more reasoning related problems with explanations here. Good Day and Happy Reading :)

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

 2272 P, Q, R, S, T, V and J are sitting around a circle facing the centre. S is not an immediate neighbour of V. S is second to the right of T, who is second to the right of Q. R is third to the right of J and second to the left of P.

  1. Who is on the immediate right of Q?
(a) S         (b) R      (c) V       (d) data inadequate     (e) none of these
  1. What is J’s position with respect to P?
(a) Third to the right                            (b) Second to the left
(c) Second to the right                         (d) Data inadequate
(e) None of these
  1. How many of them are there between Q and S?
(a) 2 only     (b) 3 only     (c) 4 only (d) 2 or 3 only (e) None of these

  1. Who among the following is sitting between V and R?
(a) Q     (b) J   (c) T    (d) S (e) None of these


Here, you should draw a rough sketch with the given details... Your sketch will be similar to the below diagram.

  1.       (b)
2.      (c)
3.      (d)
4.      (a)

 2272 Eight members A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H belonging to three families X, Y, Z  go for weekend outing in three different cars I, II, III. Four out of the eight members are females. Members of any one family travel in different cars. Each car has at least one male and one female member. Each family has at least two members.
  A belongs to family Y and he travels in car III. D is wife of E and they travel in cars I and II respectively. H is son of B, who is wife of G, and they belong to family Z. C is daughter of F, who is wife of A. C travels in car II. G does not travel with F.

1.      Which of the following groups of persons travels in car I?
(a) D, F, G    (b) D, E, G     (c) D, G, H    (d) D, F, H   (e) None of these

2.      Which car has only two members traveling in it?

                   (a) I   (b) II (c) III (d) II or III (e) Cannot be determined

3.      Which of the following members of families Y and Z travel in different cars?

(a)    F,G  (b) C,G  (c) F,H  (d) C,F  (e) None of these

4.      Which of the following groups of persons is a group of all females?

(a)    B,D,G  (b) A,B,C  (c) B,E,F  (d) D,E,F  (e) None of these

5.      Which of the following members of families X and Y travel in the same car?

(a)    C,F  (b) D,F  (c) C,D (d) F,E (e) None of these


 Cars                  family X                    family Y            family Z

   I                      D (female)                 F (female)              H (male)

   II                     E (male)                   C (female)               G (male)

   III                                                     A (male)                  B (female)   

1.      (d)
2.      (c)
3.      (a)
4.      (e)
5.      (b)

 2272 All the six members of a family A, B, C, D, E and F are traveling together. B is the son of C. But C is not the mother of B. A and C are a married couple. E is the brother of C. D is the daughter of A. F is the brother of B.

1.      How many male members are there in a family?
(a)    1 (b) 3 (c) 2 (d) 4 (e) 5

2.      Who is the mother of B?
(a)    D  (b) F (c) E (d) A (e) None of these

3.      How many children does A have?

(a)    one  (b) two  (c) three (d) four (e) None of these

4.      Who is the wife of E?

(a) A   (b) F (c) B (d) Can’t be determined (e) None of these

5.      Which of the following is a pair of females?

(a) AE   (b) BD (c) DF (d) AD (e) None of these

1.      (d)
2.      (d)
3.      (c)
4.      (d)
5.      (d)

Ø  (i) Five boys Abdul, Durgesh, Eshwar, Chand and Bhaskar and five girls Pallavi, Kavitha, Radhika, Savithri and Vasantha sit in two rows facing towards each other. All the boys are in one row and all the girls in the other row.

(ii) Eshwar who is to the immediate right of Bhaskar and opposite to Pallavi is not at any end. Radhika, who is immediate to the right of Kavitha and opposite to Chand, is at one of the ends.

(iii) Abdul is opposite to Kavitha who is the third to the right of Savithri. Durgesh and Vasantha are not opposite each other.

1.      Who is in the middle of the row of boys?

(a)    Abdul  (b) Bhaskar  (c) Durgesh  (d) Data inadequate (e) None of these

2.      Who is immediately to the right of Pallavi?

(a)    Vasantha (b) Kavitha (c) Savithri (d) Data inadequate (e) None of these
3.      Who is opposite to Durgesh?

(a)    Vasantha (b) Radhika (c) Pallavi (d) Data inadequate (e) None of these

4.      How many boys are there between Abdul and Bhaskar?

(a)    Nil  (b) 1 (c) 2 (d) Data inadequate (e) None of these


                             Durgesh, Eshwar, Bhaskar, Abdul, Chand
                             Savithri, Pallavi, Vasantha, Kavitha, Radhika

1.      (b)
2.      (a)
3.      (e)
4.      (a)

Provided by Harika

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  1. How can be Durgesh and Vasantha are opposite of each other, when it is given that they are not opposite of each other in the given information ???
    Please give correct arrangement.

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience Pratik.. Its a Typing Mistake. Now Corrected Plz do check. And Thank you so much for Commenting :)


    3. Hey you've already did it Kshitij :)
      To reduce SPAM we've activated moderation on comments Kshitij. Thats the reason why it will take some time to display the comments. You might have confused with that :)

    4. durgesh bhaskar eshwar abuldul chand
      savitri vashanta palvi kavita radika

      i think it should be like this.....
      eshwar is imediate right of bhaskar

    5. The solution provided is only correct.becoz boys and girls are facing opposite to each other.

    6. yes the solution provided is correct

  2. i m very week in solving reasoning non-verbal(figure type) problems.. r there any easy ways to learn them

    1. Just Click on the Reasoning Shorts menu above. There you can get the "Non Verbal Reasoning Pdf Download" link... just download that and practice well :)

    2. It's given as Eshwar is immediate right of Bhaskar and in the solution, you've placed Eshwar to the left of Bhaskar. Does that make sense?

    3. Yep brother it does... The solution is correct. You are lil confused... Read again... Those boys and girls sat opposite and facing each other..rite? Then who will be the immediate right to Bhaskar?

    4. plz help me with the problems of cirular arrangements where some of them are not facing the centre and some are facing the centre.

  3. Mam I Have One More Short-cut Way to solve Sitting Arrangement Sum in 1.30 Mintue..
    This is Simple..
    According Statement..
    1.S is the second right of T Who is Second right of Q.
    Ans. Q.T.S
    2. R is third to Right of J and second left of P.
    Ans J..R.P
    3. S is not Immediate Neighbour of V
    So Combination of 1,2,3 Statement
    Q.T.S..(7 total person)

    This is Lie in Statement Mentioned Above..

    1. Tanks for the update Deepake Joshi.. Good Day

    2. this is not true for every seating probs @ deepika

  4. Please provide some circular seating arrangement questions as asked in IBPS PO-II.

  5. hii.,
    could you provide little more twisters like combo of profession,bld rlsn and facing both inside and out side of circle.,

  6. hii mam as ricky asked above ,i also include that plz provide sum tricks for those type of seating arrangement questions as it asked in IBPS po II,the questions provided here r comparatively easy ,those of PO relation based circular arrangements, and then that parallel seating arrangements of group......plz provide tricks for those type of questions,
    thank you for the wonderful work from the bottom of my heart

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Vickey and Dhanjit. Presently we're lil busy with our server settings and current affairs. You can expect the posts you've asked for by next week. Good day and happy reading :)

  7. Hello Madam plz muze pdf file me reasonning ka aur maths ka aapne jo pure topic ka diya hai wo muze sub pdf file main chahiye plz send me my email id

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    1. PCS prep material we also need ma'am

  10. PCS Pre. exam is on 26-jun-2013 ........... plz upload some material for prepration

    Thank u

    1. Sorry friend. We don't have enough materials for PCS Prelims exam materials. We can provide you with Current Affairs materials only.

  11. mera to comment aata hi nai hai.....:( ye nai aaya to fir nai karunga kabhi comment :(

    1. Aagaya na :)

      sorry Rishi. Now a days we are lil busy with study materials of RRB and National Insurance. Getting no time to respond comments. We will try to make some time from now. Please dont take this to heart :)

      God Bless.

  12. Hello Ma'am

    Actually i want to kanow about UIIC review of exam ... I have attempted 142 question out of 200... Is it fine..... almost questions are right ... and also when result will out.

    Thank u

    1. Its more than enough friend. You are in safezone even if you get 115 out of 200. 135+ is really very good score. All the best :)

  13. Ma'am UIIC ka result aa gaya mera nahi hua ...........

    1. Don't be discouraged friend. You still have better options than that (RBI Assistants, National Insurance, SBI Clerks). So prepare well. All the best :)

  14. Could you post any short cut for inequalities?

    1. We will try to update shortcuts on inequalities soon friend.

  15. Hello Ma'am ,

    Please upload some materials for RBI officer exam...

  16. thank u very much for ur efforts thank u for ur wonderful explanation and material

  17. A very good effort to provide a single environment to all these banking related competitive exams...

    Gud work. Keep it up :)

  18. Yamunagar kaise jaaun main!!!!!!delhi se...haad hoti h ibps ki

  19. Its really helpful. good work..

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  25. Please solve the seating arrangement problem of SBI PO 2013(Held in April) question and upload the answer. It was a bit complicated

  26. In the second can we confirm the places of B and G?Why cant their seating be interchanged between the cars 2 and 3? Can u please clarify??????

  27. In the second problem....why can't B and G be interchanged between the cars 2&3????How can we confirm the cars in which the both are sitting.....?????can you please clarify ........?

  28. mam can u please help me out on question given below with full explanation how to solve it please

    A group of seven friends, A, B, C, D, E, F and G work as Economist,
    Agriculture Officer, IT Officer, Terminal Operator, Clerk, Forex Officer
    and Research Analyst, for Banks L, M, N; P, Q, R and S but not
    necessarily in the same order. C works for Bank N and is neither a
    Research Analyst nor a Clerk. E is an IT Officer and works for Bank R. A
    works as Forex Officer and does not work for Bank L or Q. The one who is
    an Agriculture Officer works for Bank M. The one who works for Bank L
    works as a Terminal Operator. F works for Bank Q. G works for Bank P as
    a Research Analyst. D is not an Agriculture Officer.*

    1. A - S - FO
      B - M - AO
      C - N - ECONOMIST
      D - L - TO
      E - R - IT
      F - Q - CLERK
      G - P - RA

    2. Can u plz chk the Ques.Is it complete?
      May be some information regarding H or B is missing.
      Let me know.

    3. Sorry for the previous comment I misread the ques n consider 8 frnds(ABCDEFGH), So obviously wasn't getting the answer. I got the solution, will send later.

  29. Hai Great post and thank you for your support

    I have a doubt with the 2nd problem I mean family travelling to weekend outing.
    In that problem without having the proper (In my view) information about the cars, how can we decide?
    Please give me a detailed explanation if possible.

  30. Hey Team your technique is good in solving these type of problem and i appreciate your job.Can u plz post the questions which are now coming in PO xamz(like 8 ppl at 8 diff post sitting in circle)...?
    i want to give one way to avoid confusion and save time, as u said we should draw line in lieu of making circle in the same way i want to say that in double line question it's better to draw vertical line and in place of full name consider only unique identity of the Name/person. In this example their unique identity is the first character of their name. For ex:-
    R K V P S
    | | | | |
    C A B E D
    I make it precise because in PO xam time is major variable.
    for Admin:-Review my approach if it's wrong than correct me.
    for peer's:-Plz post the approach if you have better than this.

  31. hi shivani madam

    please provide combinations in seating arrangement viz.,professions ,facing inside and outside the circle etc

  32. hi shivani madam

    please provide combinations in seating arrangement viz.,professions ,facing inside and outside the circle etc

  33. is there any technic to solve reasoning questions? coz some questions can not be solved or take a ot of time

  34. i. A,B,C,D,E and Fare members of a club.Each of them play a different game of Carrom, Chess, Cards, T.T, Badminton and Volleyball.
    ii.D plays Chess and is married to B
    iii.One of the two pairs of couples in the group plays Cards and T.T.
    iv. No lady plays either Badminton or Volleyball or chess.
    v. C plays Volleyball and F plays Badminton .
    vi. A is brother of F.

    4.Which of the following pairs is a couple?
    AE , BE, BF, DE, None of these..
    5.How many male members are there in the group?

    1. 1) A
      2) brother in law
      3) Carrom
      4) AE
      5) 3

  35. Gud evng ma''m a small request i want to know the process of seating arrangement problems not for seating prob like circle facing tabular arrangements(like students,subjects,classes OR persons,days,places etc.,)ma'm..plz consider my request and give me the detailed process for how to arrange the tabular seating arrangements..after me dis favor ma'm..

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  36. Dear admin,can you please explain us a problem in which some people are facing towards center and some are outwards to center?


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