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October 16, 2016

English Word Power Quiz for Competitive Exams - Set 35

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  1. The meaning of go public is 
    1. To make open to all
    2. To request the people
    3. To offer shares for sale to the public
    4. An open offer
    5. To tell the people 
  2. A golden handshake is 
    1. A handshake after signing a lucrative deal 
    2. To make amends with 
      English Vocabulary Quiz
    3. To establish a profitable venture in association with another company
    4. A generous monetary inducement to retire early offered to an employee by the employer 
    5. Mutual agreement on monetary matters
  3. Window-dressing means
    1. To decorate the show windows of the shops
    2. To dress for the occasion
    3. To decorate the windows
    4. To improve appearance of balance sheet
    5. To renovate the business establishment
  4. The meaning of dumping is 
    1. To monopolize
    2. To speculate
    3. To build up large inventories in anticipation of shortage or price rise
    4. To lower the price deliberately to under-cut competition 
    5. To flood the stock of goods in market
  5. What we mean by a wildcat strike is 
    1. An attempt to make quick profits
    2. Unjust demands made by the striking employees
    3. When the strike takes a violent shape
    4. Achieving business objectives without any effort, mostly due to good luck
    5. A strike organized without legal notice
  6. Which of the following means graveyard shift ?
    1. Difficult working conditions 
    2. Night shift
    3. Non-profitable work 
    4. Changing to an insecure job
    5. Hazardous working conditions 
  7. Flags of convenience is a 
    1. Political term
    2. Banking term
    3. Maritime term
    4. Infantry term
    5. Term for behind-the-scenes diplomacy
  8. The meaning of heirs at law is
    1. Legal knowledge
    2. Legal obligation
    3. To seek legal help
    4. Legal inheritors
    5. To inherit according to the will
  9. Which of the following means hedging ?
    1. To disown responsibility 
    2. To brush aside the proposal
    3. To avoid bargaining
    4. To protect investment against loss
    5. To restart a project
  10. Down time can be explained as
    1. Overtime
    2. Elimination of hours in which the worker did not work
    3. Machine breakdown time
    4. Time recorded for starting the work by the worker
    5. Time spent by the worker in a factory during the day 


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