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January 18, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience 2016

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Name : Jatin Roy

Venue : Dena Bank,Ahmedabad

Reporting time : 8.30 am

There were 4 members 1 female 3 male

Questions asked:

M1: Tell me about your self

M1: So you are working in Bank as clerk? What are the duties you have performed?
Told-(Looks satisfied)

M2: Can you tell me what is KYC? Why we needed ?

Answered well

M2: What is total business of your branch?

F1: What is total NPA of your branch? Total advances and deposits?
Answered (Smiling)

F1: What is financial inclusion, Money Laundering?

M3: Suppose I have only aadhar card number can I open account?

M3: What is tagline of your bank?

Then they said thank a lot you may go now all were smiling.

I said thanks a lot and came out.

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