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November 09, 2015

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerks Exam 2015 - Set 69

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  1. In strategic Alliance, the alliance partners
    1.  Merge with each other
    2.  One partner acquires the other
    3.  Remain separate entities
    4.  a orb only
    5.  None of these
  2. The Central Government has appointed Pradeep Kumar Gupta as the new Managing Director of :
    1.  Punjab National Bank
    2.  State Bank of India (SBI)
    3.  Bank of Maharastra
    4.  Syndicate Bank
    5.  Indian Overseas Bank
  3. In a Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA) the maximum value of securities should not exceed
    1.  Rs. 25,000
    2.  Rs. 5,00,000
    3.  Rs. 1,00,000
    4.  Rs. 35,000
    5.  Rs. 2,00,000 
  4. Which Bank is the first of its kind to open in Hyderabad, a fully digitised with user -friendly facilities for opening of accounts, cash deposit, ATM, passbook printing machine, Internet banking kiosk and sourcing of loan applications
    1.  State Bank of Hyderabad
    2.  State Bank of India
    3.  ICICI
    4.  HSBC
    5.  HDFC 
  5. Which of the following banks launched the first MUDRA card under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) ?
    1.  State Bank of India
    2.  Andhra Bank
    3.  ICICI Bank
    4.  Corporation Bank
    5.  Syndicate Bank
  6. Features of Government Securities
    1.  Issued at face value.
    2.  No default risk as the securities carry sovereign guarantee.
    3.  Can be held in Demat form.
    4.  Interest payment on a half yearly basis on face value.
    5.  All the above
  7. In respect of Mutual Fund which of the following is/are correct ?
    1.  Mutual fund is a mechanism for pooling resources from the public by issuing units to them and investing the funds in securities.
    2.  Mutual fluid set up in the form of a trust and is registered with SEBI.
    3.  Unit holders refer to investor in mutual fund.
    4.  NAV denotes performance of a particular scheme of a mu-tual fund.
    5.  All the above 
  8. 'e-KYC' procedure is possible while opening of Bank Accounts only for those who have _____________ 
    1.  AADHAR card
    2.  PAN card
    3.  Voter ID card
    4.  Driving License
    5.  Passport
  9. Which of the following is correct in respect of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)
    1.  The Reserve Bank encouraged the setting up of National Pay-ments Corporation of India (NPCI)
    2.  To act as an umbrella organiz-ation for operating various Re-tail Payment Systems (RPS) in India.
    3.  NPCI became functional in early 2009.
    4.  NPCI has taken over National Financial Switch (NFS) from (IDRBT)
    5.  All the above
  10. _____________  has recently announced its decision to discontinue issu-ing of slips after cash withdr-awals at ATMs and shall alert the customer through SMS only.
    1.  INDUSIND Bank
    2.  HDFC Bank
    3.  Axis Bank
    4.  ICICI Bank
    5.  Yes Bank
  11. Which of the following is/are correct in respect of SHGs ?
    1.  RIG stands for Self Help Group
    2.  Normally an SHG has 10-20 members
    3.  SHG should meet at regular intervals and note the minutes thereof.
    4.  The SHG builds a group corpus fund by voluntary saving from members.
    5.  All the above 
  12. Urban Cooperative Banks are controlled by  _____________
    1.  NABARD
    2.  State Governments
    3.  RBI
    4.  Central Government
    5.  Only b&c
  13. Can nomination be made by an illiterate depositor?
    1.  Yes, by affixing his Thumb Impression on form DA1 wi-thout witness
    2.  Yes, by affixing his Thumb Impression on form DA1 with one witness
    3.  Yes, by affixing his Thumb Impression on form DA1c with two witnesses
    4.  No, such nomination may be under influence may not hold legal validity
    5.  None of the above 
  14. As per Reserve Bank directives what is the cap on high value denomination notes that Indians can carry while travelling to Nepal?
    1.  Rs. 50,000
    2.  Rs. 25,000
    3.  Rs. 60,000
    4.  Rs. 15,000
    5.  Rs.10,000
  15. Nomination is not allowed in which of the following cases ?
    1.  Individual Resident A/c
    2.  NRIs A/c
    3.  Sole Proprietorship A/c
    4.  Accounts held n Representative Capacity
    5.  None of the above

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