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January 02, 2015

Marketing Aptitude Expected Questions for SBI Associates Clerks - Set 31

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  1. A "three-day cooling off period" in which buyers can cancel a contract after rethinking it, is to protect the consumer from ?
    1. creative selling
    2. high pressure selling
    3. detail selling
    4. hard care selling
    5. none of these
  2. When Coca-cola and Nestle formed a joint venture to market a ready to drink coffee and tea worldwide, the type of marketing system that was formed would best be described as being a (n) ?
    1. vertical marketing system
    2. parallel marketing system 
    3. diversified marketing system 
    4. horizontal marketing system 
    5. none of these
  3. The major advantage of survey research is its ?
    1. simplicity 
    2. structure
    3. organization 
    4. flexibility 
    5. none of these
  4. Today, advertising captures about __________ percent of total promotion spending. 
    1. 15
    2. 23
    3. 29
    4. 33
    5. 37
  5. The shrinking of distances due to technological advance such as computer and fax connections by telephone, is one characteristic of what new challenge to marketing ?
    1. rapid globalization 
    2. the changing  world economy
    3. the call for more socially responsible marketing 
    4. the micro-chip revolution
    5. none of these
  6. If Mark Mars pays Hershey Foods Corporation for the right to use their name on his line of T-shirts, then Mr. Mars is using which type of branding ?
    1. Licensed brand
    2. Manufacturer's brand
    3. Private brand
    4. Co-brand 
    5. none of these
  7. The first modern environmental movement in the United States began in the 
    1. 1940s
    2. 1950s
    3. 1960s and 1970s
    4. 1980s and 1990s
    5. mid 1980s
  8. Each salesperson is assigned to an exclusive area in which to sell the company's full line of products or services in which type of sales force structure ?
    1. territorial sales force
    2. product sales force
    3. customer sales force
    4. hybrid sales force
    5. none of these
  9. The type of sales force structure in which the sales force sells along product lines is called a 
    1. territorial sales force 
    2. product sales force
    3. customer sales force 
    4. retail sales force
    5. none of these
  10. If a government uses barriers to foreign products such as biases against a foreign company's bids, or product stands that go against a foreign company's product features, the government is using
    1. protectionism 
    2. exchange controls 
    3. exchange facilitators 
    4. non-tariff trade barriers 
    5. none of these
  11. One common misuse of marketing  research findings in contemporary business is the tendency for marketing research to 
    1. become a vehicle for pitching the sponsor's products
    2. become a vehicle for discriminating in the market place
    3. become a means for raising prices 
    4. become a means for unfair competition 
    5. none of these
  12. The most logical budget setting method is found in the  list below. Which is it ?
    1. Affordable method 
    2. Percent-of-Sales method 
    3. Competitive - parity method 
    4. Objective - and task method 
    5. none of these
  13. Business means 
    1. Trade and Commerce 
    2. Selling and Buying of goods
    3. Industry and Commerce 
    4. Industry and Trade 
    5. none of these
  14. The brand of soaps "Ariel" is manufactured by ?
    1. ITC
    2. Procter and Gamble
    3. Hindustan Unilever Ltd
    4. Godrej Soaps 
    5. none of these
  15. Logo means ??
    1. Painting
    2. A symbol of series of letters used by a company to identify itself, usually an adaptation of the company name 
    3. an attractive picture 
    4. Name
    5. both 1 and 2
  16. "Dettol" is a product of which company ?
    1. Reckitt - Beneckiser 
    2. Johnson & Johnson 
    3. Hindustan Unilever 
    4. Ranbaxy 
    5. none of these
  17.  The brand "Park Avenue" is owned by ?
    1. Wills 
    2. Adidas
    3. Nike
    4. Raymonds
    5. none of these
  18. One of the India's  largest electronic commerce companies has recently sold products worth INR 650Crore in 10 hours in a special one-day event "The Big Billion Day". Name it ?
    1. Snapdeal
    2. Flipkart
    3. Myntra
    4. Amazon
    5. Ebay
  19. Vodafone, the largest mobile company of Europe is based on ?
    1. Germany
    2. UK
    3. France
    4. Austria
    5. None of these
  20. VAT is imposed :
    1. Directly on customer 
    2. On final stage of production 
    3. On first stage of production 
    4. On all stages between production and final sale 
    5. None of these

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