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November 06, 2014

Marketing Aptitude Quiz for SBI Associates POs - Set 25


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  1. Market information means ?
    1. Knowledge of shops and bazaars
    2. Knowledge of shipping malls
    3. Knowledge of customer profile and product mix
    4. Knowledge of various languages
    5. None of these
  2. Market Research is needed for ?
    1. Checking the market area
    2. Checking the right product to be sold
    3. Making proper marketing decisions 
    4. Deciding right time to sell
    5. All of these
  3. Which of the following statements is true ?
    1. Marketing makes the company to go into loss due to higher expenses 
    2. Marketing is not required in profit making companies
    3. Marketing sharpens the minds of the employees
    4. Marketing is a time bound seasonal function
    5. Marketing is a waste of time
  4. Marketing plan helps in 
    1. better lead generation
    2. better systems
    3. better results
    4. improved balance sheet
    5. better customer service
  5. If marketing is done effectively which of the following is not required ?
    1. Advertisement
    2. Publicity
    3. Market Research
    4. Market Segmentation
    5. None of these
  6. Motivation Means ?
    1. Inspiring employees to perform better 
    2. Better communication skills
    3. Sales coaching
    4. Market research
    5. None of these
  7. In a selling process in today's world
    1. Only standard products are sold
    2. No customization required 
    3. The seller need not have product knowledge
    4. the seller should aim at customer satisfaction
    5. only quantum of sales matters 
  8. Which of the following is an element of an organizations internal environment ?
    1. competitors
    2. employees 
    3. wholesalers 
    4. retailers
    5. none of these 
  9. A Target market is 
    1. entire country
    2. entire city
    3. entire globe
    4. that which consists of customers who need the identified product
    5. all of these
  10. Sales forecasting involves 
    1. Sales planning
    2. Sales pricing
    3. Distribution Channels
    4. Consumer tastes 
    5. All of these
  11. Which of the following product is being sold under the brand name ZODIAC ?
    1. Shirts
    2. Ties
    3. Both 1 & 2
    4. Computers
    5. Mobiles
  12. SWIFT - cars are being manufactured by 
    1. DCM
    2. Maruti
    3. Premier Automobiles
    4. Hyundai
    5. None of these
  13. "With you all the way" is the slogan of ?
    1. Vodafone
    2. SBI
    3. ICICI
    4. LIC
    5. Raymonds
  14. Arrange the following Steps of selling process in a proper order in order to help the sales man ?
      • I. Approach
      • II. Presentation and demonstration
      • III. Prospecting and qualifying
      • IV. Closing sales and follow-up
      • V. Handling objectives
    1.  II, III, I, V, IV
    2. I, II, III, IV, V
    3. I, II, V, III, IV
    4. II, I, III, V, IV
    5. None of these
  15. Expand RTGS ?
    1. Real Time Gross Settlement
    2. Real Time Group Selling
    3. Retailers Trade Group Selling
    4. Reliance Technology Group Sellers
    5. None of these
  16. Cross Selling means ?
    1. Identifying customer needs
    2. matching the products to customer needs
    3. convincing the customers of product benefits
    4. responding to questions and objections of customers
    5. all of these
  17. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBR) is better known as ?
    1. World Bank
    2. Asian Development Bank
    3. IMF
    4. Security Bank
    5. None of these
  18. Marketing to reduce demand or shifting the demand but not to destroy demand is known as ___________ ?
    1. Market Demand
    2. Shift Demand
    3. Demarketing
    4. Premarketing
    5. None of these
  19. Temporarily pricing below the list price in order to increase short 'run sales is known as _______ ?
    1. Promotional pricing
    2. Segmentation pricing
    3. Bundle pricing
    4. Product line pricing
    5. None of these
  20. Identify the period from product life cycle "which make rapid market acceptance and increasing profits" ?
    1. Product Development
    2. Introduction
    3. Growth
    4. Maturity
    5. Decline

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  1. very gud for sbi asso....

  2. Thnkss mam :) :) 17/19...

  3. Sir/ma'am can i get all topics in covered in one pdf file please???

  4. Dear admin, yours continuous efforts are highly appreciable. If possible please try to provide a consolidated question bank with respect to Marking / Banking sector asked in the recent exams conducted during this Year.

  5. 16/19.
    Thank You.......

  6. one of the best experiences i read Suresh :-) hope u r in job by now. i have seen confidence in your words... chala baga cheppavu

  7. thanks a lot team :)

  8. The answer for Q4) Marketing Plan helps in would be, Better lead Generation.

  9. Answer 2 q 4 is ur own study material u ve given that its lead generation
    Thn agn q 2's answer is ur material d answer is all of dez...plz clarify...asap

  10. answer to q 2 in ur material is making proper marketing decision and q 4 d answer is lead both d answers r diff...plz check..and rectify

  11. where we find set 1 to set 24 of marketing quiz...

  12. please provide a GA capsule for sbi would be helpful for most of the sbi asso.aspirants

  13. Hi frenz..whether IBPS Clerk-4 interviews wer conducted on d basis of marks obtained in written test or roll no or random...??? Plz comment


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