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June 03, 2014

Marketing Online Practice Tests for SBI PO & Clerks Exams - Set 17


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What is the overall goal of relationship marketing ?
  1. Encourage utilization of products over the lifespan of the consumer
  2. Increase sales of new products
  3. Improve profitability
  4. Developing strategic partnerships with valued customers
  5. All the above

Personal selling can be defined as which of the following ?
  1. People communication
  2. Inter-connective communication
  3. Local communication
  4. Interpersonal communication
  5. Direct communication

Breaking down large, homogeneous inventories into smaller lots for wholesalers and retailers is
  1. Sorting out
  2. Assorting
  3. Accumulation
  4. Allocation
  5. None of these

Customers who purchase encyclopedias from door-to-door salespeople are acquiring products through
  1. the most efficient channel of distribution
  2. the most common type of marketing channels
  3. a direct-marketing channel
  4. a business-to-business channel of distribution
  5. none of these

Nationally distributed consumer convenience products such as cigarettes are MOSt likely distributed through which of the following channels ?
  1. Producers - Consumers
  2. Producer - Agents - Wholesalers - Retailers - Consumers
  3. Producer - Wholesalers - Consumers
  4. Producer - Wholesalers - Retailers - Consumers
  5. Producer - Industrial Distributor - Wholesalers - Retailers - Consumers

There are four major characteristics of personal selling. Which of the following is not one of these characteristics ?
  1. Cost
  2. Cultivation
  3. Personality
  4. Precision
  5. Impact

Which among the following generally does not come under Corporate Banking ?
  1. Structured Finance
  2. Government Banking
  3. FI, Capital Markets & Custodial Services
  4. Debit Cards
  5. None of these

Of the following functions, which set is MOST likely to be passed on to wholesalers by producers ?
  1. Transportation, Packaging and Financing
  2. Product Development, Advertising and Financing
  3. Warehousing, Transportation, and advertising
  4. Financing, Transportation and Branding
  5. Market Information, Transportation, Warehousing and Financing

By buying in large quantities and delivering to customers in smaller lots, a wholesaler may perform all of the following physical distributi9on activities except
  1. inventory planning
  2. transportation
  3. materials handling
  4. unit pricing
  5. communication

Economics in marketing can be achieved in terms of
  1. sales literature
  2. inventory management
  3. after sales service requirements
  4. all of the above
  5. none of these

The strategy of identifying an attractive market segment and serving it in a way that differentiates the retailer from others in consumers' minds is termed :
  1. product positioning
  2. niche retailing
  3. retail positioning
  4. merchandise policy
  5. none of these

When a retailer adds unrelated products and product lines to the existing product mix, this is termed
  1. range expansion
  2. mix scrambling
  3. merchandise extension
  4. scrambled merchandising
  5. none of these

A retail establishment that is open twenty-four hours a day
  1. will have higher sales than other retailers
  2. provides time utility
  3. is adhering to the marketing concept
  4. is production-oriented
  5. none of these

The primary advantage of automatic vending as a form of retailing is that :
  1. it provides continuous service to customers
  2. it eliminates the need for sales personnel
  3. vending machines require little maintenance
  4. it offers low cost, personal method of selling
  5. none of these

IF the demand for products is unpredictable, suppliers must be able to respond quickly to inventory needs. In these cases, ____________ may be a minor consideration when compared with service, dependability, and timeliness.
  1. Planning
  2. Strategy
  3. Objectives
  4. Cost
  5. Speed

Which among the following does not come under the organizational objectives of the bank in India ?
  1. To Earn Profit
  2. To play a developmental role in Rural India
  3. To Provide employment to maximum people
  4. To Improve Customer Relationships
  5. All of above are organizational objectives of the bank in India

Without which of the following a bank cannot survive ?
  1. Cash
  2. Computers
  3. Customers
  4. Credit
  5. Competitors

Marketing is complex in Banks compared to other commercial concerns. Which among the following justifies this statement ?
  1. Bank marketing is a service Marketing
  2. The focus of the bank marketing is customer
  3. The Bank marketing is doubly oriented
  4. Banking products are intangible
  5. None of these

What has been the effect on banks by the increased role of capital markets in mobilizing funds ?
  1. It increased the importance of banks
  2. it decreased the importance of banks
  3. it did not affect the importance of banks
  4. it provided an opportunity for banks to earn more
  5. none of them

Which of the following Banks in India is known to be the first Indian bank to adopt the concept of market segmentation ?
  1. Punjab National Bank
  2. State Bank of India
  3. ICICI Bank
  4. Bank of Baroda
  5. Canara Bank

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