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February 16, 2014

My Interview Experience in Chennai - Ramesh Kanna


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Hi Friends, This Ramesh Kanna.. I want to share my clerk 3 interview (10-Feb-2014 my interview experience in Chennai- IOB zonal office) for others beneficial.
I've completed and MBA (Finance) my Native is Mettu Marudr its comes under Karur District. Presently residing at Chennai, and I have around 3 yrs. experience in banking domain.

My interview date is 10th feb 2014 morning 8.30am. I am 1st batch and my panel  is VI. Actually I came to IOB zonal office around 7am clock itself. And the officer ask to register the personnel detail in security entrance. After that went office room totally around 300 candidates are came, everyone very busy with them preparation their too.. I am waiting the panel VI as per our call letter notification. Around  8.30am the officer came and give the instruction to the interviewee regarding for the document verification and gave information to follow the procedure to submit the document.

In my panel I am the 2nd person. After verifying my documents they ask to wait before the interview room. (guy note that everyone should bring all the document even if you are not bring any Xerox copy don’t worry you should bring at least original).

Documents are:
DOB certificate, community certificate, address proof (must 2 proof like pan card and voter card), 10th, 12th, degree certificate and any other computer certificate.

Around 9.30am the officer called my name for interview. Every one welcomed me
I said thank you sirs and madam (there were totally 5 person form their 1 female she only ask many question to me)

M1: tell yourself?
Me: me tell my self genuinly.
M1: asked about my family, my ambition and my experience?
M1: asked what you are improved youself in previous company?
Me: I said firstof all improve my typing speed in computer. They told very good, frankly you are telling. Everyone tell his field of work but you are diff. I said thank you sir.
M2: asked about KYC and some banking term?
Me: said ans properly and all are said good because I told everything about KYC (guys remind, if ask anything should what you know about top to bottum because it’ll be they’ll ask qus. from your ans.)
F: asked about my schooling and copllege studies?
F: asked about some banking term?
F: asked about why you are in banking and why you are not give preferrance to PO or MT?
F:asked about my experience point of view about my hurdles and achievement and in previous bank?
Me: actually I was work in Barclays Bank it is UK based foreign Bank around 2 yrs. And shows my certificate which I was get during my process exellent performance (totally I receid 5 certificate).
F: asked one thirukkural and its explanation?
Me: I said  yagavar ayinum naa kaaka’ start with thirukural (which is my mom frequently teach me when I was childhood stage) and said the explanation too.
M3: asked about why you bought passport?
Me: which is mandatory for all in my college, when I was studying MBA  program.
M4: asked about my body structure how you are maintained well ask about, are you went gym every day?
Me: I said no sir, normal exercise only.
M4: asked to read Tamil newspaper and write about myself in plain paper? (which is test our level of local language and writing too)
Me: read it and write some point about me.
M4: asked about my commitment?
Me: I said very well they appreciate me.
M4: finally asked about are you willing to relocate any were in village also?
Me: answered well, and its opportunity for me to serve the village people because they don’t know about various beneficial from the bank and I explain to them and make them understand easily and also get beneficial too.
F: asked about at what time you are came here?
Me: said 7 clock
F: so you didn’t take breakfast?
Me: I said genuinely, yes madam I just take cup of coffee only. Once after the interview successfully will go to BF.
That madam really very nice and they encouraged me lots when I was said Q.Answer.
Then last they are leave me and I said thank you and  gave shake hands to everyone. (guys it’ll create the behavioral of our mannerism)

Totally my interview was 25 to 30 minutes..

Thank you..  All the Best… God Bless You …

Thanks to  Mr. Ramesh Kanna  for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. wish u all the best

  2. one of the nice interview... gd luck dear

  3. hi............can someone tell me how to reach IOB interview spot from chennai central ??
    plz do help me

  4. What was ur answer for why clerk and not po?


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