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February 19, 2014

Clerk III Experience - Narender Rudra


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Hi friends, this Narender Rudra. I want to share my interview experience with you all, it help full to you.
Place : Hyderabad

Venue : Andhra bank apex college, Gachibowli.

Time : 8.30 A.M.

Documents order :
1. Online app form.
2. Id proof
3. SSC memo(Birth date proof)
4. All mark sheets
5. Provisional certificates(Better to take Convocation certs also)
6. OBC cert
7. Extra curricular certs(If have it give's some strength to you, but not mandatory)
8. Interview call letter

       Verification started at 8.45 AM. I am the second last person(25th) in my panel VI. My certificate verification completed by 10.45 AM. My turn came at 12.20PM
I asked permission, entered into the room, i wished them Good After noon sirs(M1,M2, M3), good afternoon madam(F). They offered me a seat, said thanks sat down.

M1: Where are you from..?
i replied
M1: What is your father..?
I replied
M1: Given news paper asked to read and explain it.(It is related to SBI NPA's)
I read and explained.
M1: Largest sea Port in India...?
I said, Sorry sir, I donno
M1: Borders of Andhra Pradesh.
I replied, Tamil nadu, orissa, karnataka, Chattishgad & Maharastra
M1: Why should opt Andhra Pradesh as a first preference..?
I said, It is having it's Head Quarters In Andhra Pradesh.

M2:Chief Justice of supreme court..?
I said, P sadasivam sir,

M2: Recently one person has taken as judge supreme court from our state who that..?
I said Sorry sir, I don't know. (VS Ramana later come to know)

M1: Asked me to sell pen to me(I have pen in my pocket).
I am tried, But sir was not completed satisfied with my answer.

M1:asked me to open account in andhra bank .?
I am explained.

M2: What is UNO..? Where it is head quarters..?
I said, United Nations Organization, Newyork.(I have a doubt new york/Washington DC) sir said it newyork

M3: Very good (Only this word only, no questions from sir)
F1: No questions from madam.
M3&F1 both are just observing me.

All the best, you can leave now

I thanked them.

My suggestions : Just go with open mind. all the best.

Thanks to Narender for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. when will cutoff mark published?

  2. name:R .M.MOHAN REDDY
    INTERVIEW VENUE:Andhra bank,saifabad,hyd
    qualifiction:Btech (ECE)
    date:17/02/14 1;00pm
    they asked these questions
    1.what is white revolution?
    2.what is Radar system?
    3.Raddar system applications?
    4.what is satellite?
    5.satellite applications?
    6.who launches satellites in india? ISRO
    7.ISRO full form?
    8.Who is russia president?
    9.Who is RBI governor?
    10.What are Rbi functions?
    11.which are more for india either imports or exports?
    12.which are main imports to India?
    13.Which are main exports of India?
    I given all right answers ,they satisfied with my answers and asked about my Po interview.Finally they said "Reddy go and get ready n enjoy with your family.all d best"


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