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September 25, 2013

Correct the Following Sentences - Practice Set 3


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Friends, the following sentences have some errors in it. Try to correct them in 10 minutes. Later check with the solutions given below. All the Best.
  1. One of My friends are engineer.
  2. One of my Dogs have disappeared.
  3. I don't know nothing about him.
  4. I could not find him nowhere.
  5. He does not want none of the cakes.
  6. He is working hard with a view to win the match.
  7. I look forward to pass the exam.
  8. I, you and he are neighbours.
  9. Let he do whatever he likes to do.
  10. Let he and I solve this problem.
  11. The climate of Nagpur is better than Bombay.
  12. The roads of Delhi are better than Allahabad.
Just take a white paper and  write down the answers.

Later check with the solutions from here Sponsored links


  1. 1. one of my friends is engineer.
    2. one of my dogs has disappeared.
    3. i don't know anything about him.
    4. i could not find him anywhere.
    5. he does not wants none of the cake.
    6. he is working hard with a view to wins the match.
    7. i look forword to pass exam.
    8. you, he and i are neighbours.
    9. let i and he solve this problem.
    10. the climate of nagpur is better as compare to bombay.
    11. the roads of delhi is better as compare to bombay

  2. please continue like this exercises! this is very useful to us to understand! thanks a lot!


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