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February 06, 2013

SBI Associates Clerks Interview Experience - Preeti Kumari

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Friends, here is the State Bank of India Associates Clerks Interview Experience shared by our friend Preeti Kumari. We are thankful for her contribution on behalf of our readers and team members. And we wish her great success in the interview... Here is her Interview Experience in her own words. 

Name - Preeti Kumari
Qualification – B.Tech (IT)
Pannel - 6
Location - Bangalore

Friends actually  I was nervous because i don't know the regional language. I went there at 8:30 am  and my interview was at 9:00 am. After getting all my document verified.
I was the first person for interview.They called me,when i went there "i asked,may i come in sir??". they said yes and have your seat, I thanked them and occupied my seat.. 

The questions asked were...
1-Do u know kanada??
2-Why do you want to join bank??
3-Tell me something about SBI and its associate.
4-what does a bank do exactly??
5-what is Operating System??Types of operating system.
6-Computer hardware
7-Difference between credit card and debit card??
8-Mutual fund??
9-Online banking??
10-Issues related to online banking??
11-Question bout hobbies..
I have given all the answers except one or two. When I was getting out all of three were happy. One of them told me good..
I think my interview has gone good...just hoping for good.

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