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July 11, 2016

Common Errors in English Usage with Explanations - Part 32

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    • This is an interesting book, I am reading it. (wrong)
    • The book which I am reading is interesting.   (correct)
      • Explanation : The relation clause must be attached to the noun it is about. 
    • I am glad for tomorrow is holiday. (wrong)
    • I am glad because tomorrow is a holiday.   (correct)
      • Explanation : As the second is the reason, it should be attached to the main clause by because, 'for' can be used as a conjunction in place of 'because' or 'since' in some cases. 
    • This paper is inferior than that. (wrong)
    • This paper is inferior to that.   (correct)
      • Explanation : With 'inferior' and 'superior', the comparative mark of preposition is 'to'. 
    • I am ill since three months. (wrong)
    • I have been ill for three months.   (correct)
      • Explanation : When reckoning from a particular date, we use 'since', e.g., 'since last Fricay', 'since July 8th'; but we always use 'for' for a period, e.g., 'for a week', 'for a long time'. 
    • This is my first time to play cricket sine a long time. (wrong)
    • I have not played cricket for a long time.   (correct)
    • This is my first game of cricket for a long time.   (correct)
      • Explanation : For a period of time without a fixed starting point, we use 'for'. 
    • This is different to that. (wrong)
    • This is different from that.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Different takes the preposition 'from'.
    • This resembles to that. (wrong)
    • This resembles that.   (correct)
      • Explanation : No preposition is used between resembles and its object. 
    • Everyone should pray God. (wrong)
    • Everyone should pray to God.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Between pray and its object we use 'to'.
    • He wrote me.  (wrong)
    • He wrote to me.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Between write and its indirect object we use 'to' (e.g. He wrote a letter to me). 
    • I shall explain them this.  (wrong)
    • I shall explain this to them.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Between explain and its indirect object, we use 'to'. 
    • Send this letter on my address.  (wrong)
    • Send this letter to my address.   (correct)
      • Explanation : If a verb needs a direct (e.g., this letter) and an indirect object, we use 'to' before the indirect object (e.g., to me).
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