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May 21, 2015

SBI Associate Clerks Interview Experience from Kerala

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Hello friends my name is Ashwin P S

I'm from Kerala and sharing my SBI Associate Clerical interview

Venue : Hotel Travancore Court Ernakulam

Date : 20-05-2015

Time : 12:00 PM

Panel : 2

I reached at the interview Centre at 11:00 am and Entered the office at 11:15am
(Document Verification was according to turn for Interview and verification of documents was at 1:30pm. I was 15th in the list and My turn for interview came at     4:50pm. The Panel Consisted of 3 members  2 M and 1F)
Me: Sirs May I come in
M1:Yes come in(M1 leading the Interview)
Me: Good evening Madam , Good evening Sirs
M1:Take your  seat
Me: Thankyou Sirs
M1: Ashwin You have Completed Btech . Did you try for some IT jobs.
Me: Yes sir I had attended 2 to 3 Interviews in Campus but  I could not get placed and  I am now preparing for bank Exams.
M1: Did u appear for any other bank exams
Me: I qualifed for IBPS clerk but could clear the final result
M1: Do you have any Brother or Sister
Me : I have an Elder brother
M1: What does he do?
Me : He is working in and IT company in Bangalore.
Now M2 started asking Questions
M2: Which 3 Things do India have for Make in India as mentioned by Mr Modi
Me: Infrastructure ,Manpower
M2: He told that only Manpower was correct
Me: Sorry Sir I Dont know
M2: What Services Can Person of SBT family get
Me:Additional Interest on Deposit
M1: You can Explain in Malayalam
Me: Deposit inu 1 percent  more Interest
M2: And for Loans
Me: Loans can be availed at Low rate of Interest
M1: Its not Low Rate of Interest Its Not even Comparable(Cracking a Joke)
M2: what is Capital Adequacy Ratio
Me: Banks Should have adequate capital to Cover Risk Weighted Assets
M3: Why  do you want to join Banking Sector
Me: Bank has good Career prospects and  We can reach a good Position if we are Career ambitious(M1 interfered)
M1(Interrupted ): Why do want to join as a Clerk

Me: Sir Even though I am joining as  clerk I can reach a good Postion. Also My father is an Inspiration ,He had joined the bank as a clerk and had risen upto assistant general manager.
M2: What are Latest News in Banking
Me: Rising non performing Assets Reducing Profitability of Public sector banks      Central Govt has launced Gold Monetization Scheme by which Idle Gold can  be deposited with banks to Earn Interests
M1: You may leave
Me: Thank you Sirs

Overall the Interview panel was pleasant and  The Interview lasted for 10 minutes.    Wishing all Friends Good Luck for their Interview.

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