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October 15, 2012

IBPS Clerk Exam Sample Question Papers Free Download - Aptitude

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Friends, all of you know that we are providing Complete Preparation material for the upcoming IBPS Clerks exam. According to our IBPS Clerks Preparation plan, we will give Ibps sample questions papers daily. You just download them and use them for practice. From November will will start providing you with Online Examinations. So you can get the clear understanding of the questions pattern and  the atmosphere of ibps clerks online exam. Ok, now lets come to our present practice questions. These are 50 questions made by us (covering all areas of important topics of IBPS Clerks Aptitude section). Initially we planned to give the answers for these questions on the next day of giving the questions. So that you will complete your questions and check the answers on the next day. But some of our readers requested to post the answers along with the questions so that it will be easier for them to check. So first just try to solve all the questions in 40 mins (suggested time) and then refer to the key provided at the end. All The Best :)

Read the aptitude shortcuts and speed improvement techniques here before starting the practice paper

Download the IBPS Clerks Exam Aptitude Sample Question Paper Here

Ipbs clerical exam practice papers

IBPS Clerical exam model question papers with answers for Online Exam

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