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October 12, 2012

Banking Awareness Practice Questions for IBPS Clerks Online Exam

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Sample Questions of Banking Awareness for IBPS Clerks Exam  

1.      As we all know Banks in India are required to maintain a portion of their demand and time liabilities with the Reserve Bank of India. This portion is called ?
a.       Statutory Liquidity Ratio
b.      Cash Reserve Ratio
c.       Bank Deposit
d.      Reverse Repo
e.       Government Securities

ibps clerks 2012 expected questions2.      'Green House Gases' are responsible mainly for :
a.       Growth of Livestock population
b.      Volume of foreign trade
c.       Quality of agro products in a country
d.      Industrial Development of a nation
e.       Global warming

3.      Which of the following in India is implemented in all the districts of the country for providing 100 days employment to those willing to do manual jobs in rural areas ?
a.       Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Y.ojana
b.      Bharat Nirman
c.       Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
d.      Swarn Jayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana
e.       All of these

4.      Which of the following is a Social Development programme launched by the Govt. of India for school children?
a.       Bharat Nirman
b.      ASHA
c.       Kutir Jyoti
d.      Mid Day Meal Scheme
e.       Aadhar Yojana

5.      In India, the National Income is measured on the basis of:
a.       Flow of goods only
b.      Number of employed youth only
c.       Volume of tax collected per annum
d.      Earning of people working in PSUs and Govt, jobs
e.       All of these

6.      Which one of the following a measure of Fiscal "Reforms, has Govt. of India adopted ?
a.      Bringing down fiscal deficit to a particular level by an Act of Law
b.      Fixing higher rate of growth
c.       Allocation of more funds to job oriented schemes
d.      Allocation of more funds to provide education to children who are 6-14 years of age
e.       None of these

7.      Which of the following economic concept is categorized on the basis of Current Account or Capital Account or both ?
a.      Balance of payment
b.      Value of the foodgrain stock of a country
c.       Gross National Product (GNP)
d.      Gross National Income (GNI)
e.       Total collection of Direct Taxes in a year

8.      Which of the following acts is/was introduced for the purpose of sustainable growth ?
a.       Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act
b.      Narcotics and Psychotropic Substance Act
c.       Foreign Exchange Management Act
d.      Banking Regulation Act
e.       Prevention of Money Laundering Act

9.      Some time we see a reference of "Least Developed country" in the economic journals/papers etc. Which among the following is one of the parameters on the basis of which a country in economic parlance, is labelled "Least Developed" ?
a.       Frequent changes in monetary/fiscal policies
b.      No change in
c.       the Government in last ten years as general elections did not take place
d.      Low Per Capita income of a specified level and instability in agricultural/industrial production
e.       Huge losses due to natural disasters resulting in displacement of people in majority

10.  Which of the following is one of the indicators of Human Development Index (HDI) ?
a.      Life expectancy at birth
b.      Total cost of the agricultural land with a family
c.       Total area of the agricultural land with a family
d.      Availability of perennial source of water for irrigation
e.       Nature of employment, casual/permanent or semi-permanent

11.  Which of the following is one of the measures of economic growth of a country ?
a.       Volume of Direct Investment made by Foreign countries
b.      Number of companies listed on the Stock Exchanges
c.       Gross Domestic product of the nation
d.      Number of Foreign nationals working in a country
e.       All of these

12.  What is the contribution of Agricultural sector in total GDP of India? About-
a.      17.2%
b.      .24%
c.       38%
d.      40%
e.       60%

13.  What is the contribution of Service Sector in total GDP of India?
a.       10%
b.      14%
c.       18%
d.      (4)26%
e.       None of these

14.  'IAEA' is an organization which functions in the area of
a.       Prevention of Money Laundering
b.      Control of Foreign Direct Investment
c.       Nuclear Energy
d.      World Trade
e.       Promoting International understanding among the nations.

15.  Which of the following is the purpose of introducing 'Know Your Customer' norms by the banks ?
a.       To bring more and more people under the banking net
b.      Identifying people who do not pay Income Tax
c.       To ensure that the money deposited in banks has come from genuine sources
d.      To ensure whether the money deposited in the bank is of an Indian or a foreign national
e.       None of these

16.  Which of the following organisations is established mainly to promote Micro, Small & Medium industrial sector in India ?
a.       (l)NABARD
b.      (2)SIDBI
c.       (3)IDBIBank
d.      (4)EXIMBank
e.       All of these

17.  What does the term 'AAY' denote which is the short form of a Social Scheme launched by the Govt. of India ?
a.       Antodaya A was Yojana
b.      Asian Awas Yojana
c.       Antodaya Anna Yojana
d.      Area Antodaya Yojana
e.       None of these

18.  Which of the following organizations of women in India will be arisen out of the confluence of three movements-labour movement, cooperative movement and women's movement based on Gandhian Philosophy?
a.       TISCO
b.      SHG
c.       AMUL
d.      SEWA
e.       Gramin Bank

19.  The Second Green Revolution being planned in India will be launched basically in Eastern/North Eastern states and will be based on production of :
a.       Sugarcane
b.      Jute
c.       Bamboo
d.      Vegetables
e.       Paddy

20.  Which of the following Acts helps a bank in its day today activities ?
a.       Competition Act
b.      Negotiable Instruments Act
c.       Hindu Marriage Act
d.      Hindu Succession Act
e.       NRI Act

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